Since 2007, I have been writing occasional memos & amp; newsletters to my clients to help them stay on top of what is an industry in constant change. I have used these opportunities to highlight important changes in compliance, highlight new technologies, and even to provide my thoughts regarding where Healthcare IT is headed.
My goal has always been to provide accurate and relevant information as I believe the adage that better IT management decisions are made by well-informed business leaders.
I encourage you to read more.
Larry Klein
President, Lions Gate Technology

20Jan, 2016
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Case Study: Justin Pepperling, Mountain Heart Health Services

January 20th, 2016|

Flagstaff, AZ Director of Operations for Flagstaff, Arizona’s Mountain Heart Health Services (MHHS), Justin Pepperling, is responsible for instituting seamless delivery of services, compliance, and security for the Organization. The group is comprised of multi-specialty physicians, including but not limited to two Interventional Cardiologists, two Pulmonary and Internal specialists, an Electro Physiologist, and four mid-level [...]

21Dec, 2015
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CASE STUDY: Mandy Shrader, Clovis Family Healthcare

December 21st, 2015|

Mandy Shrader, Clovis Family Healthcare New Mexico President & CEO of New Mexico’s Clovis Family Healthcare (CFH) is one who sees the big picture when it comes to consistent operations and patients care. CFH is currently home to five healthcare providers in addition to a support staff of nearly twenty-two full time contributors. Mandy explained, [...]

1Dec, 2015
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IT Professional, Pittsburgh Native

December 1st, 2015|

A Newtek Customer Story Like any great business, our success is wholly dependent on the success of our customers. As a tribute to our incredible customer base, we’re telling the stories of loyal clients, like Larry Klein, who are accomplishing great things in the world. “You know they’re from Altoona, PA,” emphasizes Lions Gate Technology [...]


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