Flagstaff, AZ

Director of Operations for Flagstaff, Arizona’s Mountain Heart Health Services (MHHS), Justin Pepperling, is responsible for instituting seamless delivery of services, compliance, and security for the Organization. The group is comprised of multi-specialty physicians, including but not limited to two Interventional Cardiologists, two Pulmonary and Internal specialists, an Electro Physiologist, and four mid-level providers, just to name a few.

In addition to the significant medical and support staff (of just over 60 members), MHHS offers cardiac diagnostic testing, an eight bed sleep lab, in and out-of-home testing. Their facilities operate seven days per week, including the lab which is open every day from 7pm to 7am. And the ambitious cardiac experts also run an additional five outreach clinics.

MHHS’s demand for consistent operations is paramount to delivering high quality patient care. Originally, the Organization kept IT in house for four years. When it became too cumbersome to manage internally, MHHS moved to a local IT service provider. And while the nearby provider was “alright” MHHS quickly moved to Lions Gate after discovering that they handled EMR. Pepperling explained, “EMR is most integral piece of our business. Suffice it to say, we are dysfunctional without it. We were a bit reluctant, at first, as Lions Gate is headquartered in Phoenix, but their reputation preceded them and I decided they might be our best option. Suffice it to say, they delivered …”

Mr. Pepperling went on to say that Lions Gate did a large EMD upgrade (70 hours) for MHHS and did an amazing job. In January 2016, Lions Gate was commissioned to do another 200 hour IT infrastructure update for the organization and reports it has been going smoothly. The Operations Director offered, “We had little excess going in. Larry at Lions Gate has incredible follow-through which is rare to find in the IT world and moves quick should a question or issue arise. It has been a great relationship, and I am sure it will continue.”