Your healthcare IT experts

Lions Gate Technology is a Health Information Technology (HIT) company dedicated to servicing your entire healthcare ecosystem’s technical needs. Our core competencies include healthcare related IT services that sustain and enhance your current healthcare operation.

Our mission is to make all your IT systems simple and secure so immediate action can take place with minimal involvement of your time or staff.

We take pride and accountability that all of your information will be secured and maintained with the latest technologies to protect all Patient Health Information (PHI) and meet HIPAA compliance standards. Our seasoned team of professionals are well-versed in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare informatics and technology use, so that we consistently provide the most innovative, compatible, and compliant recommendations & services possible.

Who We Are

Lions Gate Technology is a managed services IT firm that specializes in healthcare. Our management team has years of experience in Healthcare Informatics, Electronic Health Records, HL7 Interfaces, HIT, Network Security, and Legal operations. We partner with respected healthcare technology companies, as well as individuals throughout the HIT spectrum within the U.S, in order to safeguard healthcare data.

What We Do

Create secure, managed and protected healthcare ecosystems so providers can easily deliver healthcare services to their patients directly through their medical technology. We review, audit and manage transmissions while reducing data breach risk, managing secure data flow, and monitoring electronic activity of both healthcare devices and support personnel.

What We Offer

A comprehensive, hand-holding guide to conducting a security risk assessment for your healthcare ecosystem. Our tools enable effective decisions regarding protection and safeguarding services to greatly reduce risk while identifying potential cybersecurity faults.

Who We Work With

Physicians’ Offices, Healthcare Providers, Ambulatory and Acute Care Settings, Healthcare Institutions and University Health Centers, Pharmacies, Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Centers, Emergency Management and First Responders.

Why You Need Us

As global healthcare operations migrate from paper and facsimile to an e-connected world (using Electronic Health Care and other devices managing Patient Care), healthcare providers find themselves connected through multiple layers. With such complexity comes the need to rely on experts who easily and cost effectively set such systems up, then secure and maintain them. Our wish is that you enjoy practicing medicine without the weighty worry about your network.