Effective management of IT assets is a critical component of all healthcare businesses

As your IT environment grows, your amount of IT assets grow with it. Without an effective strategy for managing these assets, your practice may be overspending in areas that are not being properly monitored or managed.  Unfortunately, asset management is viewed as a non-urgent issue until network, workstation or software issues arise. From technology procurement to technology disposition, every IT asset has a lifecycle. Knowing where a particular asset sits within the IT lifecycle is key to proper asset lifecycle management.

Lions Gate Technology Lifecycle Asset Management services enable your business to operate smoothly while allowing your employees to be more productive. Our services handle all aspects of managing your assets, including procurement, imaging, deployment, decommissioning, and retirement for all of your devices. Throughout this process, our engineers work closely with you and your employees to ensure that technology is deployed efficiently and accurately.

Not staying on top of your Asset Management can have significant consequences to your practice and your bottom line – here are some common issues when not staying on top of your assets:

  • Unnecessary Licensing
  • Security issues due to out-of-compliance devices
  • Expired licenses
  • End-of-life software
  • Downtime or slow devices

What Lions Gate can do for you

We can keep track of your IT products, including hardware (servers, workstations, etc.), software (applications, operating systems, etc.) so your environment is always operating efficiently. This enables us to make sure your practice is getting the right hardware and software, as well as monitoring when your IT products become outdated or are in need of renewal.


Many software products will eventually need to be renewed. Lions Gate Technology will stay on top of all of your expiring products to make sure that you have enough time to make informed business decisions rather than making bad purchases in time of need.

New Acquisitions
When IT products become outdated or reach end-of-life support, Lions Gate is ready to offer you recommendations and options to keep your technology environment running smoothly. As your trusted partner, we will always offer you the best advice and support, and in most cases, can offer you discounted pricing on many products through our 3rd party relationships.