Case Study: Michigan Ave. Primary and Immediate Care


As a leading healthcare provider in Chicago, with 2 different locations, Michigan Avenue Immediate Care & Michigan Avenue Primary Care know the importance of being able to trust who is providing your IT services. After working with 2 other subpar IT providers since their inception, they have dealt with their share of IT issues, and not having proactive, and friendly service. They really needed a group to come in that could meet their high demands, and most importantly, make sure that everything was working, all the time.

What Lions Gate Provides:

  • Total CareMD Managed Services from Lions Gate
  • Security
  • Firewall
  • Remote Access
  • Email
  • Backup
  • Email Security


Through a referral from their EMR, Michigan Ave quickly knew that they had found their match with Lions Gate Technology. Now that Michigan Ave. is using TotalCareMD from Lions Gate, when they have issues, they are always minor, and are always attended to within minutes, not days or weeks. Lions Gate designed their IT infrastructure with preventative measures in mind, rather than typical designs that have to be reactionary when huge issues arise. From day 1, Lions Gate has been providing friendly, professional and timely service, while keeping everything running smoothly. Lions Gate has also served as a consultant for offerings outside of their expertise, working diligently with Michigan Ave. to make sure everything fits with their existing infrastructure.

“Lions Gate is always available to us, whether we are calling, texting or submitting a ticket. They never pressure to do anything we don’t want, and are always finding solutions that fit our budget. We love their balance of professionalism, availability, technical skills and most of all, their friendliness and ability to relate to our healthcare business.”
Joshua Merok, MD , Associate Medical Director, Michigan Avenue Immediate & Primary Care


The biggest success story for Michigan Ave. is the fact that they don’t experience “major” issues anymore now that Lions Gate is on top of their network. Any issues that arise are easy to fix, and are always addressed quickly with typically no interruption to the office. Michigan Ave. said they feel comfortable with Lions Gate because they provide the close-knit support and services of a small, local company, with the expertise and abilities of a large IT company.