Case Study: Pinnacle Family Medicine


With increasing patient demands and technology advancements in healthcare, IT management can be a nightmare for medical practices if they don’t have the right partner. With 2 busy locations in the Phoenix Valley, Pinnacle Family Medicine understands the importance of an IT company they can count on.

Imagine getting a IT recommendation from your EMR company to later find out they were constantly irritated when you called for help, were condescending to everyone in the practice, and weren’t always accessible when there was an issue? This is the predicament that Pinnacle Family Medicine was dealing with over 7 years ago.

What Lions Gate Provides Pinnacle:

  • Total CareMD Managed Services from Lions Gate
  • Security
  • Firewall
  • Remote Access
  • Email
  • Backup
  • Email Security


Through another referral, Pinnacle Family Medicine came to Lions Gate Technology, and things have been incredible ever since. Lions Gate stepped in with their TotalCareMD managed services offering, and Pinnacle Family Medicine never has to worry about anything. Lions Gate took a proactive approach to designing the IT ecosystem – now, rather than big issues arising, Lions Gate is always on top of any little things that may happen, ensuring things are always running smooth. During Pinnacle Family Medicine’s large expansion, Lions Gate was instrumental in the technology build out – providing numerous options and pricing structures to meet the needs of the client.

“I love working with Lions Gate – they are always there for us, whether we call them, submit a ticket online, I know we are always in good hands with them. Their managed services gives us peace of mind that our network is always being monitored, and I don’t have to worry about being charged every time I call them with a question!”
Stacey Heckel, Practice Manager, Pinnacale Family Medicine


The biggest success for Pinnacle Family Medicine is that they can focus on what they do best, and not have to worry about their workstations, network, software or any hackers or viruses corrupting their offices. Ever since they switched over to Lions Gate Technology, technology has become so much easier. Their EMR works seamlessly with everything else they use, their network is always working, and if they have a question or something isn’t working right, they know someone at Lions Gate will be answering the phone and ready to help them. They also love the fact that they have learned so much from Lions Gate – and can now handle a lot of trivial tasks on their own now.

“Everyone at Lions Gate is so patient and understanding, and l really love the fact that they go out of their way to teach me how to do a lot of things so I don’t have to constantly call them. I’ve never worked with an IT company that is so responsive and friendly!
Stacey Heckel, Practice Manager, Pinnacale Family Medicine